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Mobcast Network Take 1

I have some exciting news for you all! Now only will the mob be holding it down with words and photos, but we got you on internet air waves as well! Introducing The Mobcast Network. Dedicating to bringing you the best in comedy, hip-hop, travel, lifestyles and the newest pods on the block. With my boy Reese Turner, his partner in crime Katelynd Kuhar and known Montreal hip hop artist Simon ST, we put together our own podcast called Re:Radio. Every two weeks you can tune in to local comic interviews, find out what the upcoming shows are around town and listen to tracks from our many talented hip hop artist that go often unheard. We also like to add in skits and funny commercials so listen to episode 4 right now while you keep reading.

Why should you join us? Well you only benefit from our network of sharing and blogging. We are still at the beginning. Eventually, every show will have it’s own page with it’s bio and logo. This gives you another home on the interweb, giving your podcast more visibility. You also benefit from our sponsors , our traffic and being apart of the next hottest network of people to hit the web since 2000! So what you waiting for?!

Joining Re:Radio on the Mobcast Network is How We Roll, run by Mickey Darko. If you like bass, dubstep, trap and hip hop then tune in right here son! Hockey fans in the house? The Bandwagoners is just the fix you need. Andy Cole and Justin Boniface are two edgy and raw hosts who like to talk about all that is hockey related and all the drama it brings our city all year round. Tune in here!


So who’s next to come onboard?! Maybe you! Yup! We are recruiting and inviting anyone with a podcast to come join our network. Or maybe you’re thinking about starting your own podcast. We can help both of you. Send your podcast link and info to

You can follow The Mobcast Network on Twitter and on Facebook. Get all the shows in our line-up right here.

I hope to hear from you guys soon!



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President and Co-Founder of The Mob's Press, Jo loves to laugh, click her mouse and is addicted to social media. Through blogging she has found a passion for all things online and was able to turn that into her 1st business called JJ's Press. From that success launched The Mob's Press. You always know when she's at a comedy show because you'll hear her laughing out loud.

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