You will be FURIOUS!

You never know who you’ll meet during Just For Laughs in Montreal and if they will come back around in your life. Well I’m happy about this one who did. Meet Kirsten Finch and although we’ve only  spoken once, I got the vibe that she likes to laugh and for me, that’s the main criteria to pass my threshold. 

I haven’t seen her perform yet but have heard of her coming up in the Montreal scene. She recently sent me this video called FURIOUS. Not only my favorite super hero name but also a great title for a short film. Who knows what to expect right?

Did you expect that? It has definitely peaked my interest. If it has made you want more, you can get it! Check out this weekend’s Open Michelle at the Comedy Nest where they will be showing the whole film! Comedy plus a movie and you don’t even have to leave your seat.

Not enough for you?

There will be many acts from out of town for this edition of  Open Michelle. Zoe Daniels will be back in montreal for the first time in 2012. I remember her then and I can’t imagine how awesome she must be now.

Still want more?

Jess Salomon will be the feature act on this very eventful night. If you don’t know Jess well you’ve been missing out on some excellent comedy. She has writing and starred in three solo shows at the Montreal FRINGE Festival, has performed at Just for Laugh’s OFFJFL and ZOOFEST, San Francisco Sketchfest, the Laughing Skull Festival, Boston Women in Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and the She Dot Festival.

Check it out November 29th at 8:00 pm. You can buy your tickets online here. Students get $3 off tickets too!

It’s going to be a fun night Montreal so get out there and support your comedy scene!

Movie Credits:

Script & Story: Sarah Stupar & Kirsten Finch
Director: Kathy Slamen
Producer: Kirsten Finch
Executive Producer: Kathy Slamen

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