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So after reading a couple of my articles, you might have figured out that I enjoy discovering new things no matter how much I think I won’t appreciate it.  I like to find underground events, not that I don’t enjoy the more commercialize one but there is always a treasure somewhere and finding it is the hardest part but when you do it’s all worth it .

I am someone who likes to move around, talk to people, do activities etc… So I have to admit that I wasn’t super excited to go to the conferences at first but the cocktail did sound pretty interesting.

Tuesday & Wednesday I was attending Conferences Mode 2.0 presented by Aldo & Dynamite and it all took place at HEC Montreal. This event was organized by 7 wonderful young woman who took the time to plan something that will promote fashion and encourage the students to get into business in that field . They are part of a committee called Comite Mode & Affaires  which was founded by Jonathan Arneau & that know is occupied with these talented women  :

  1.  President,  Helene Bedard
  2. Communication VP, Ophelie Chambily
  3. Finances VP, Aurore Colliaux
  4. Project VP, Marie-Pascale Rolland
  5. Project VP, Aurelie Michaud
  6. Project VP, Christine Lesiege
  7. Project VP, Sonia Voicu

During these two days you had  different entrepreneurs who came to give advice, tips, lifeline story, pros & cons  and much more.

Day 1 :

  • Francois Roberge, Ceo of La vie en Rose
  • Lolitta Dandoy, Founder of the blog Fashion is everywhere
  • Andreanne Courchesne, Co-Founder of Fibres Collectives
  • Chantal Durivage, CoPresident  & Cofounder of Sensation Mode and Productor of Mode & Design Festival

Day 2 :

  • Marine Godfroy, Marketing Director at M0851
  • Erandi Motte de Cortes, Montreal Metropolitain Commerce Chamber
  • Sarra Ghribi, Founder of Loue1Robe
  • Vyara Ndejuru, International Marketing Director of Aldo

On the second day, if you still  had energy and wanted to know more and  do some chit-chat with the different companies. They had put in place a networking event, where you get to ask all your questions, give your résumé for internship, meet new people or simply enjoy all the great multi-ethnic appetizers they had paired with a delicious Barefoot glass of wine or a glass of a new drink called RISE.

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