10 Women You Need in Your Entourage

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At times when the hubby and I are watching a movie or TV show, I’ll point out to Clove certain people another race I would love to be friends with, y’know my “White Girl Posse”  if ever we would hit it big in HollyWeird. Certain public figures who would be awesome to have in my entourage. Recently for me it’s been Kristen Wiig. Doesn’t she seem cool as sh*t? A total Dorky Girl and Good Girl mix kind of vibe in my opinion. If there was even an ounce of a chance for us to ever hang out, she’d be my girl.

So, I started to think about my friends from back in the day in high school or hitting the clubs in my 20’s and now in my late 30’s. I got to thinking how all of my girlfriends play a certain role and influence me in some way in my life.

I’m warning you now, do not get yourself all 10 of these types of women cause that is just bananas in terms of friendship management. One individual person can play 2, 4 or 7 roles from this list. Who ever you do find to be part of your crew, remember: “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.” ~ Elbert Hubbard.

Here we are the type of girlfriends you need to have in your entourage.

1. The Good Girl

She is the voice of reason. But she is usually also a freak on the inside and rarely lets loose. Trust me, you want to be witness to these moments when her good image cracks and Mrs. Hyde comes out and it’s full on party girl Extreme. They are awesome when these moments happen. You can only have one of these in the group at a time because they will not thrive on being judged by other ‘Good Girls’. Besides, you don’t need a “who is the most righteous one” competition, that’ll get annoying.

the bad ass chick2. The Bad Ass Chick

A fighter in life( and in bed for you fellows). She’s got your back in an argument or fight if you ever find yourself in an altercation. She can be a little aggressive in her demeanor and her extensive curse word library is priceless. Don’t mess with this Chicca! Be careful, more than three of these in your girl posse and you can guarantee a night full of drama and chicks popping off.

3. The Motherly Type

Perfectionist mother. Typically fearful and looking out for you or any situation the ladies are in. Great for motherly type of advice. She’s a caring and nurturing friend. Sometimes gets mistaken for the Queen Bee, she is usually the voice of reason for the Slut and the Bad Ass Chick.

the listener4. The Listener

You kind of take hearing from her for granted, it’s something that just happens, but she’s cool with that cause she loves to hear what’s going on. Usually she’s thinking “Man, I’m so glad I’m not in her situation…” but she will never say or show that to you.  For the most part she’s quiet, comprehensive and listens to you. She’s a great observer which is why when she gives you any feedback you pay attention. This is possibly the most slept on friend because she is quiet while analytical and processing all the information around her. Trust me and ask her once in a while what she is thinking… she’ll let you know her thoughts.

5. The Party Girl

She’s all about fun, she shares her energy for having a good time and that makes you feel good and ready to take on the night with her. Plus she’s an awesome wing woman. She exudes confidence and gets invited to all the cool jams that are going on in the city. You call her if you have no plans cause she has the VIP hookups. Stay in touch with your Party Girl friend because the party waits for no one!

the slut6. The Slut

She dresses scandalously, revealing  a large portion of her body to get attention while making numerous sexual advances to all the guys and girls. If you’re single, you join in at times and relate to her escapades. If you are married or in a relationship you live vicariously through her with absolutely no judgment. Most importantly, if you are interested in someone you MUST tell her to keep her distance from the person you’re into because the market is always open for her. These girls love the attention, they usually need a couple Bad Ass Chicks to fight off the hood wolves or hood rats closing in for the kill.

7. The Keepin’ it Real Chick

She is true to herself and to you and is 100% authentic. If there is something you need to know about yourself (even if you’re not ready to hear it) but you know it’s for your own good, go to her for some answers. Be cautious with these chicks however, because they are independent, are usually skeptical and value honesty and truth in a relationship over anything else. They will be quick to give you the side eye and call bullshit if you bring anything less than 100. Make sure to always bring your realness game girl.

the big sister8. The Big Sister

She is a sister born to another mother.  At times she gets on your nerves and you don’t feel like talking to her, but when bad things happen or you just don’t feel good, she has a way to make you forget and see the brighter side of life, and when that happens all is well with both of your worlds. Until you can’t stand her ass again. This girl loves her friends above all else and is usually very quiet and enjoys seeing her “siblings” having fun. As an added bonus, she can easily substitute for the Bad Ass Chick in the event shit gets too heated in the club.

9. The Single Gal

The one you want to set up and you envy her a bit if you are in a bad relationship or married or your partner is getting on your last nerve. You also live vicariously through her and she has a cool pad for you to hang if you ever need to get away. Plus, she’s always in the know, all the latest gossip of  the group channels through her, she is great to keep you up to date with what’s going on with your friends. These gals  usually require more attention because they have less distractions in their life. Do not have more than two single chicks in your posse at any given time. The single chick is the wild card who is quick to yell YOLO while surrounded by a bunch of wolves, buying her shots and can get you in trouble if you are in a serious relationship.

the dorky girl10. The Dorky Girl

She is a bit socially awkward, maybe a little shy, she’s nice, she is hilarious and at times, she’s the one who is cool to be completely silly with you. At times (icing on the friendship cake) she’s got some mad, crazy tech skills kind of like your own go to tech support. She likes Sci-Fi and Video Games. Oh, and most of her friends are guys which is great when you’re single. Men  love her and divulge a lot information about themselves to her, which is again great when you’re single. Do not attempt to go out with the Dorky Girl without the Big Sister, as she usually needs support to experience a fun time and might need to be reassured that she is in the company of friends who will look out for her. Also, bring The Party Girl with you to get her to loosen up a bit and know that it’s okay to have a good time, she needs it.

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