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It’s snowing outside. The ground is wet and slushy, the wind is brisk and cold. You walk around with 3 layers plus your long johns sweating inside and freezing when out. Yes, I get it, its winter. It’s miserable and it sucks. Guess what? I, like many others across this land, are at our breaking point. I’ve had enough of bundling up for twenty minutes only to cross the street to the store. I’m tired of washing salt of my shoes and getting sick from basically living in this season we. I can tell you that seasonal depression has moved in for the last stretch of winter and she doesn’t make a great roommate as you may have guessed. When getting to work becomes a chore in itself, why get out of bed in the morning? It’s warm and cozy, quiet and if your lucky, your holding someone close. Now why would I leave such comforts? I don’t but that is life right?

Now if you play sports well bravo! You’ve found the only way to tolerate and accept that for the next 4 months your balls, high or low, are gonna freeze. “Whoa Jo!” Is what your saying. “No!” Is my response. I hate the fact that waking up in this god forsaken weather is normal. I ask my mother all the time why did she move to Canada. And she goes on saying something about rights and a nice place to live…

“But it’s so cold!”
“Deal with it” she responds

Oh I will deal with it by moving out of this place. Between the cold and the extreme French, I’m losing reasons as to why I should stay here.

“Calme toi Jo!!!” Non tabarnac! Not only does l’hiver make me depressed it angers me. J’envoie chier tout le monde parce que j’ai froid et je m’en caaaahlissse si t’aime pas ça!

… I have to apologize. You see when I get really mad, I speak french. I’m talking “Mon estie” french too. It’s just another bad side effect from these freezing temperatures. You’re probably saying,”You do this every year, get use to it.”. You are absolutely right. But here’s the reason why we forget: Montreal in the summertime.

Now hold up before you judge me. Of course summer is great, it’s awesome, in a lot of places. But you’ve never witnessed a city so eager to get there. It will blow your mind. I’m talking flip flops during April showers and booty shorts as soon as the rain stops. It was 5 degrees the other day and sure enough, half of the women we’re wearing skirts. We just can’t wait! Montreal at the end of winter is like a 7 year old child you let loose in a candy store for 3 months with unlimited funds and no supervision and who knows this gift is coming. Just picture this.

But here’s the real reason why summer is so fantastic in the 514/438/574: We are a festival city. At all times during those hot days, some kinda festival is going on. The International Montreal Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, Festimania, Osheaga, Les Nuits D’Afrique are just some of the exciting outings you can enjoy, even on a low budget.

This is where my mood gets better because I will be bringing you all kinds of fun contests, articles, interviews and links all related to this fun time we have coming up. Just a few more months people, we can do it! So if you’re planning a little getaway or you live in the city and, like me, don’t know where to start, keep coming back to see what we have cooking. A little hint…

I love to eat


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