What’s your Fantasia ?

Oh my dear Fantasia ,

You only come once a year and you make yourself very difficult to handle but you are all worth it. This is my second time with you this year and this time I am not taking you for granted. To me you are way more than just an event to go to. You are an incredible cinematic experience, you open your doors to everyone and to every type. This year your diversity of movies has blown me away you made it difficult for me to choose .

I was recently attending a couple of movie from my TO SEE list and every single one of them were worth it . This year my top four is :

1.Dark Places
3.The reflecting skin
4.Nina Forever

1.Dark Places

Charlize Theron playing Libby Day guides you trought her life story , this is a very captivating movie where you can see alot of different point of view of  what happened years ago . During the screening you will often ask yourself why or how but don’t worry it will give you the answers to most of your wonders .It brings you in the moment, step by step being  being this sweet eight years old girl  and others main characters. I have to admit that when I got in the theater room I thought I was going to watch a “cliché movie” that brings the Satanic cult hysteria back in the 1980s. lt actually proved me wrong. I adored it and truly recommend it .

**Being a based on a book movie,  for  people who like to read stories first, Gillian Flynn made  it an option .


First of all I want to thank Sébastien Godron for delivering a movie about Haitian realities in Montreal in it’s most authentic way. Most of the time I am very disappointed, when it comes to show or explain what goes on in the street. The Haitian family story , from arriving to living or for some surviving to the new life and even for Quebecers in the black culture was very well illustrated. ( Now don’t get me wrong every Haitian family has it’s own story  but we all found some resemblance from theirs to ours )

PS: This movie got me at the trailer ( very very good one )  . It showed just enough for me to really crave to see it and the music was very good.  The beginning might lead you into believing that it’s a black weird version of a musical or a boring documentary but really wait for the full thing cause it’s worth all the 94 minutes and it’s a local movie so go show some support on the September 25th !

3.The Reflecting Skin

They say that truth comes out from the children’s mouth. In this movie you will question yourself on the accuracy of this fact or saying … The movie takes place in the 1950s Idaho in the life of Seth Dove  and his family and friends. Vampires, murders, love, frogs and babies – you have everything in there. I can’t forget to mention that the filming was incredible, the landscape was amazingly well shot and really showed the beauty of rural Idaho. For a  horror movie it is surprisingly very greatly combined with comedy. There is the right mix of each for you to be sad but also die from laughter. I have always been a fan of old movies and this movie is passes my tough standards .

4. Nina Forever

Don’t they all whine about how they can’t get rid of their ex-girlfriends ? Or how it’s hard to move on when one of our loved one dies. Well this movie brings up both and I can’t say that I loooooveeeeed it BUT it shows you a lot of truth about how far we can go to be with someone , how life can’t be so bitchy to you ( right ? )  and how sensitive a man can actually be. There is so much to understand to follow the story that if you can’t concentrate during movies then  am not sure this is for you.  Be prepared to not be sure whether to laugh or be afraid . 😉

My Dear Fantasia , I can’t wait to see you again xo

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