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During the festival, there’s more than just shows to catch. There’s industry conferences, award shows and panels. So I flipped my switch and went to the Silicon Valley Panel. I had just seen T.J. Miller perform at the Talk of the Fest and I was hooked. So seeing him live and not in a stand-up context was going to be interesting.

Before my invite, I had heard of Silicon Valley but my brain thought it was about boobs. (Sorry I went to French school) But upon invitation to the HBO show panel, I realized I was very wrong.
Not only is it an HBO’s Emmy®  and Golden Globe® nominated series, it’s HBO. They created the Wire. Best show ever. They have my vouch of confidence for life.

Now before I could go, I needed to do some research. Upon receipt of S1, I binged watch the 8 episodes and loved it. It.didn’t stand a chance. I’m so ready for season two, scheduling some time.
Now only was it funny, the topic was right up my alley. The whole computer/nerd/start-ups world was awesome to me. You see I’m a social media consultant by day, blogger by night. The nerd in me could not contain itself.

At the panel was the cast of the show:  Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Martin Starr, and Zach Woods including co-creator Mike Judge and executive producer Alec Berg. I was expecting some boring guy talking about the show and the cast would be answering generic questions. Wrong. Wrong! These people are funny in real time and getting to know them helped me understand their characters better. They all carry a piece of themselves onto the show and that’s what makes it fun and easy to watch. The mediator, Joe Berkowitz – staff editor of Fast Company, was doing a good job until one of his questions became T.J.’s joke. Then Thomas mentioned Isis and it was over. It’s not easy to contain and “control” such comedic genius right in front of you. But he was a good sport and took it like a man.

The cocktail was an opportunity to mingle with the cast and eat some super duper poutine. Yum yum! Did I get a picture?  I sure did. Luckily for me, Zach didn’t give me the same look Thomas gave the gentleman in front but it was cool. Seriously cool. Zach Woods, you are the man!


Thank you to LexPR for inviting the mob.  We had a blast and looking forward to the next pow-wow.

Silicon Valley Season 2 is available for digital download on iTunes and ready for your laughs. Is there a season 3? Yes they are in the process of making it happen folks. I can’t wait to see more!

Check out HBO for all your Silicon Valley needs.

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