Café Cléopatre & Candyass Club Cabaret Burlesque Plus 5 Q&As with Velma Candyass

I was in rather high anticipation for the Candyass Club Cabaret Burlesque show being held at Café Cléopatre. With Paula Davis as MC and an impressive lineup of acts featuring Diane Labelle, Bodhran drummer Andy Belfast, Hula Hooper Lady Hoops, La Cherie Coquette and Velma Candyass, Pauline Marois A.K.A Roxie Hardon, Martin Le Stretcheur, Lulu les Belles Mirettes, Genie Emerald, Coeur de lion, Nat King Pole, and Jane the stage kitten! *exasperated sigh* What a mouth-full indeed! There was no skimpiness as far as show substance went on Friday night, and I was thoroughly impressed with the high energy and consistency of the whole production. The Cafe Cleopatra is known for it’s quality entertainment, and Candyass Cabaret certainly showcased this that night.


Photo Credit: Denis-André Desjardins


Candyass Cabaret posses a certain hilarity about it which I love. For me, it was the perfect balance of comical and sexy. Each act in itself tells a story in it’s own way, and if anyone ever told you that going to a burlesque show was anything even remotely like a strip club, be sure to tell them that they are highly misinformed! That doesn’t mean I condone seven year old’s to go to Burlesque shows (then again, I went to the Gay Pride festival when I was 10 but whatever) Burlesque is sexy and theatrical, simply put. The idea is to build the anticipation before the clothes actually come off. There were so many acts that I thoroughly enjoyed, but it would take a lifetime to touch on every single one, so instead I’m going to highlight four of my favorites from that night, as well as my short interview with the one and only Velma Candyass!


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I had a great seat in the center of the bar near the foot of the stage, (and a great view of Lulu les Belles Mirettes sexy a**) as Lulu les belles Mirettes danced to Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” in her infamous Montreal Canadian’s jersey, ( Complete with knee pads and a helmet). Lulu’s facial expressions are something else, as she whirls and twirls her way across the stage fearlessly pelvic thrusting and jiving. She rips off her hockey uniform to reveal a white a sparkly white two piece and Montreal Canadian titty stickers. I always get a kick out of this bit, I’ve seen it before but Lulu les Belles Mirettes always performs it perfectly every time. She’s such a little hottie, don’t you think?

Nat King Pole was a (rather handsome) female cross-dresser, wearing pleather pants and a faux mustache. For the first 3 minutes in I was convinced that Nat King Pole was a guy until my friend assured me otherwise (and of course when she rips her jacket off at the end to reveal her bare chest) She performed her song on stage and killed it! Check out this video of one of her past performances (Isn’t she great?!):


Lady Hoops was probably my favorite act of the night. I’ve never seen such a technical hula-hoop-er (hula-hoopist?) in my entire life! She actually used her entire body and keep each individual hula hoop in motion. She looked fabulous in 70s inspired workout gear, sporting fishnet stockings, a silver one-piece with what looked to be electric yellow underneath, I can’t be too sure, but one thing I am sure of is that this woman hula hoops like no other! Lady Hoops dominated the night with her insanely skilled act and looked sexy doing it.

Coeur de Lion’s sexual prowess is UN-matched to say the least. was stunningly beautiful as she performed her closing act… a tantalizing strip tease. She single handedly managed to work her way from full business suit, to sexy bustier, down to stickers concealing her nipples. To sum her up in three words: tall, beautiful, and blonde. She set fire to the stage and I’m pretty sure Coeur de Lion had everyone in the audience drooling. She is a class-act and really took to her time to get into the role and engage the crowd as she slowly and seductively began peeling off layers of her well fitted suit and bustier underneath. I could barely tear my eyes away from this milky babe! Her name is really neat too! In English it translates to: “Lion’s Heart” which is rather fitting. Rawr.


Photo Credit: Denis-André Desjardins


After the show was over I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes and getting a short one on one interview with one of the leading acts in the Cabaret, the lovely Velma Candyass. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “What inspired you to pursue to art of Burlesque?”

Velma: “I like story telling, or ‘spoofing’ and the variety of expression in general. It’s powerful for females and feminists and making a statement with your body in general, but in an artistic way. You can make a huge impact and statement when you are passionate about what you love to do, and what you believe in, and I like that.”

Me: “What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?”

Velam: “Okay… I know that this is going to sound silly, but I’m kind of a homebody in my spare time. Probably hanging out at home with a glass of wine.”

Me: “Do you live in Montreal?”

Velma: “Yes! I do!”

Me: “What is your favorite production/show that you have been a part of in the past?”

Velma: “well I think my favorite show was the Prom Nite it was interesting to see how all the artists interpreted the theme . The idea of “transitions” was prominent in many of the acts

Me: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Velma: “Probably still doing various Burlesque productions and various projects… I also have plans for a couple plays in the future.”

Meeting Velma Candyass and having the chance to have a brief interview with her was a really cool opportunity! If I had known that I was going to score  a sit-down with her I would have produced a longer list of questions but I figured I would keep it at a 5 question minimum.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning how to strip-tease and perform burlesque, Velma Candyass actually teaches classes! Yes, that’s right folks! Check out her official website >>>> here. <<<<

I highly encourage you to check out both Cafe Cleopatra, and Candyass Cabaret Burlesque because it will be well worth it!
Overall, a fantastic show, I had a fabulous time. Thanks again, Velma, for the interview 🙂

To stay updated on upcoming events from Candyass Cabaret you can check out their facebook page here or check out their official website
or you can tweet them @cabaretcandyass


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