Clôture de l’amour at Théâtre de Quat’Sous production

Clôture de l'amour

Clôture de l’amour


Here is something I am intrigued to go see!

My friend Vanessa told me about it and I am indeed curious!

This french theatre piece is called “Clôture de l’amour” written by Pascal Rambert and directed by Christian Vezina will be playing at  Théâtre de Quat’Sous from November 11 to December 6, 2013. It features Christian Bégin and Maude Guérin and here’s how the story goes:

He is a director , she is an actress . they
found on a plateau at an inevitable moment
their relationship. There, Stan and Audrey clash,
in a lexical fight where there may have
winner. This war of attrition worrying ,
following the path of the great ancient tragedies
reveals a reflection of the modern
relationship with the Other.

Seeing the poster of the closing part of the love of Pascal Rambert , my friend Vanessa and I felt compelled . The verbal aspect of the piece and the dialogue between two adults end their love is something with which anyone who has experienced love can sympathize . The modernity of our relationships and the link drawn with antique and classic pieces in the description of the end of love, can only make us wonder about the idea that love and sadness of the end of love between two hearts is potentially not changed in a few centuries or even millennium.
In addition, a friend of ours went to the first representation and only praise the quality of the interpretation of the two actors Christian Bégin and Maude Guérin , it states that it was completely transported into their world and the world. The beauty of theater is organic and true. The closing of love seems to be an amalgam of all this , making me eager to see the play.

Will you guys go see it? We would certainly love too! And if you already did tell us what you thought about it!



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