Comedy Works reopened and it’s just the beginning

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for Comedy Works and Montreal comedy fans are feeling more than good. This past weekend, February 5th to 7th, Comedy Works reopened its doors, and it was glorious. From what I’ve gathered the room was full to sold out every night. According to fellow Mobtreal photographer Adam Geraldi, Thursday’s opening night was packed and had a “really cool vibe”, especially with many local comedians coming by to check the new digs out. It seems that vibe continued throughout the weekend. I was able to attend the Saturday’s 8:30PM show, and noted a similar cool, celebratory, and excited vibe.

photo credit: Adam Geraldi

Scott Andrew Carter

The comics Saturday evening were on point. The MC for the evening was one Peter J. Radomski, who dressed up for the occasion, even if it was a throwback to 1974 substitute teacher  fashion. He did an excellent job of warming up the audience and introducing the comedians. The first comic of the night was Mike Carrozza, one of Montreal’s sweetest funnymen, who charmed the audience with his adorable and hilarious ways. Next up was Scott Andrew Carter whose unassuming observational and low key presentation was able to garner a chuckle after almost every sentence, and definitely has shot up on my list of “comics I must see again”.

photo credit: Adam Geraldi


Following Carter, was rising star Morgan O’Shea. O’Shea was much more practiced and decisive in his joke telling than the last time I saw him, admittedly he had been trying out new material that time and Saturday’s set was proof that that effort paid off.  Finally, the headliner of the weekend was local success story, Massimo. With Massimo, we were gifted with a versatile comedic talent, he brought back a chilled, laid-back performance to start and then presented bursts of energy expertly placed throughout the show. Massimo is a master at letting his jokes breathe, the tension and crafting builds until all that’s left is to explode with laughter. Also worth the note, he joked at the beginning of his set about his talent as an actor, but if he weren’t able to act his closing joke would have fallen flat, and a pancake it was not, he’s got the goods.

Overall, Comedy Works has a few kinks to still work out–change out some lightbulbs (seriously Scott Andrew Carter had a point… it’s been open for a weekend, how are there already burnt out lightbulbs?), better time the debit machine beeping or mute it entirely, and air out the smell of sawdust (actually I personally like that smell, so maybe keep it) to name a few. However, the heart and the laughs are what really matter and that’s what its got by the boatload. So if you’re looking for a cozy room and a lot of mirth this winter, stop by Comedy Works. Reserve a table by calling 514-876-8777 or email

For further information on what is in store for the rest of the month and beyond check out Boss Jo’s post “The Montreal Comedy Works is back, new and improved”.

*Photo credits: Adam Geraldi

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