Cool CrazyCats Productions LATE NIGHT KIDA and Friends

Cool CrazyCats Productions Presents
KIDA and Friends

*This is not a kids’ show.

Sesame Street meets 30 Rock in this improvised comedy

CoolCrazyCats Productions presents “Late Night Kids and Friends” at the 2018 Saint-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival on June 7th at Montreal Improv Space B. After premiering at Montreal Improv with 4 successful shows in late 2017 and early 2018, your favorite characters are back and this time, they’ve brought along some new friends.

Backstage antics on kids’ show? We prefer to call it, “a children’s show for grown-ups.” Welcome to “Late Night Kids”, an improvised play where dysfunctional characters try to coexist while they work hard(ish) at putting smiles on children’s faces. They are selfish and moody but like everyone else, they gotta make a living.

“Late Night Kids and Friends” was created by Linda Cajuste and directed by Lar Simms ( of past Fringe hits “ Making of a Warm Mess” and “Total Liquidation”). It stars some of the brightest improvisers in the city such as François Fortin, Kadi Diop, Daphné Laurier Montpetit, Paul Piro, Linda Cajuste and Brad Kane.

The theme music was composed by Alexander Touliatos with lyrics written by Linda Cajuste, Christina Sforza and Alexander Touliatos.

“While watching some children’ s shows with my niece, I wondered if the actors were always happy. And I was curious about what happens after the show; surely they must have bad days…”-Linda Cajuste

“Late Night Kids is some serious fun! From the very human, endearing and totally dysfunctional characters to the actors that made them come to life, this show got me laughing until my belly ached. If you’re curious about the eccentric actors on children’s shows – and what they’re REALLY like behind the scenes – Late Night Kids is for you!” – Christina Sforza

*Family friendly

Showtimes June 7 (6pm), June 9 (9pm), June 10 (4:30pm)*, June 11(9:30pm), June 13 (8pm), June 15 (11:30pm), June 16 (8:15pm)

Venue 03-Montreal Improv Space B- 3713 St-Laurent #202

Tickets: 514 849-FEST/ (8$/6$ students)

Photo by Tom Zalatnai/ Poster by Léna Tocquer

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