DAILY HUMOR: Direct from the Mobtreal Newsroom!

Direct from the Mobtreal newsroom in downtown Val-D’Or, here’s what’s almost making news this morning:

  • A man in the US has decided to proclaim his love for his favorite Taco Bell dish by getting an image of the Beefy Crunch Burrito tattooed on his person. According to sources, the body art encapsulates the man’s two biggest loves: Mexican-style fast food and raging diarrhea.
  • A San Francisco man has made his fiancée an engagement ring that lights up whenever he is near her. The soon-to-be bride was thrilled, saying it will come in handy when she’s hitting on other men in public.
  • A San Antonio musician caused a stir online when he posed nude with his keyboard in a Craigslist ad. Apparently, he was forced into selling it because his girlfriend disapproved that he was constantly “busy” playing with his organ.

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