Igloofest: Weekend 3 – Neon and Unicorns

I had never been to Igloofest before January 28, the last night of the annual festival’s third weekend. As someone with limited knowledge of electronic music, dancing, and the basic concept of fun, I wasn’t sure how I would fare. Thankfully, I’m happy to report that one’s enjoyment of Igloofest isn’t dependent on their taste in music, as the festival’s joyful atmosphere is infectious.

Those who came out for their EDM fix had much to appreciate, with DJ sets by Eats Everything, Catz ‘n Dogz, City Kid Soul, and Sonic Crew. In addition to the music, the festival’s striking visual identity was weaved together with various installations, ice sculptures and video/light projections. But let’s be honest, here– despite the ice’s glittering purple hue, the real eye candy came from the attendees’ outfits, with the crowd’s fashion choices ranging from “lumberjack chic” to “blinding neon.” Whether you want to display your flannel-fueled Canadian pride or cosplay Jane Fonda on a Swiss ski lift in 1986, Igloofest is the place for you.

Seeing people enthusiastically indulge their goofiest tendencies points to the core of Igloofest, which is a communal sense of fun. Sure, you might end up being so cold that you’ll genuinely consider microwaving various body parts, but part of Igloofest’s charm is in the crowd’s collective defiance of winter’s oppression, choosing not be held back by mother nature’s icy hand.

You just have to arm yourself with thermal-wear and cartoonishly puffy snowsuits.

Some highlights

  • Girl dancing with a unicorn balloon
  • Dude who definitely regretted not wearing a winter coat but tried to play it cool
  • Some guy saying with complete sincerity that he “thought there’d be more actual igloos, bro”
  • Marshmallows FTW

The 11th annual Igloofest will wrap up its run on its fourth weekend at the Old Port (Feb. 2-3-4) with appearances by Apashe, Green Velvet, and many more. For info and tickets, visit the official Igloofest website.

Full Jan. 28 lineup 



Photos by Daniel Bedard and Sarah Ellis 

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