John Mulaney peforms live at the Queen Elizabeth theater for #JFL42

John Mulaney performed at the Queen Elizabeth theatre on September 25th for the JFL42 festival, and might I add, did a damn good job of it too! Allow me to illustrate my experience with John Mulaney and depict to you the very essence of his awesomeness (and hopefully persuade you to attend his next show and see for yourself!)First of all, for all you heffers out there who have no idea who I am talking about let me get you up to speed:

So, John Mulaney as mentioned before, is an American comic (originally from Chicago ) widely recognized for his position as a writer for Saturday Night Live, and can also be found featuring in the show’s “Weekend Update” section. He has made multiple appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and twice on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon so that in itself is a good indicator that he is of quality entertainment and obviously very sought after. He is an incredible comedian worth watching.

If you want to have a great comedy experience, you should definitely get tickets to see him. Mulaney offers a refreshingly clean performance on stage compared to the other comics that I have had the pleasure of viewing. He is quirky, and likeable and is certainly a natural when it comes to performing. I thoroughly enjoyed his show, as his jokes were well paced and his punchy delivery. There was a great atmosphere in the room that night, no doubt due to the presence of John!
Sean Patton opened the show. His main spiel consisted of all that is Canadian contradictory to the fact that he said he wasn’t going to be the type of comedian to talk about Canada. He was pretty funny though, and was a great opener.

If you haven’t seen John Mulaney before, I highly suggest you go and check out! I give him 4/5 stars.

Boss Grace Shaw

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