Pete Holmes and a standing O

Day two for me was heading out to see Pete Holmes at the Mod Club. I have to say that I’m enjoying checking out all the new venues around town. The Mod Club is definitely one of my favorites right now. Nice long big bar, open wide space with a lounging area along the wall. Kick ass chandeliers that may look out of place but that’s why they fit. Pete Holmes has come to the Comedy Nest before. However when you’re working you don’t pick up on all the hilarity being thrown to the crowd. I catch a joke here and there, which has made me a better waitress, but I can’t appreciate the whole set. On Monday, I sure did.

 I found out later that the had just flown in from LA before his show, so I double down on his performance. I’ve said it before but when a comedian or any artist for that matter is having fun with his craft, they shine and it brings their performance to a whole new level. I love to see it. Playing with the crowd, using the room for material and telling his bits, Pete Holmes really kicked off hard! Touchdown all the way with a 2 point conversion. Suddenly,you check the clock, it’s 8h30pm and you know he has another show at 9pm. You’re laughing your ass off like it was 1999 so you could care less. On with the show!

Pete Holmes has a great, genuine laugh and giggle which I adore seeing. How can you not have fun when he is? When the last joke was said, we all laughed of course. To my surprise, a standing ovation started to happen. Do you know how rare a standing ovation is for a comedian? Very rare. And the look on his face was nothing but humbleness. I loved it. He completely deserved it. Well done Pete!

 Unfortunately because of this, me and Gabe we’re late for the Rivoli show, which was jam packed. I’m talking all the way to the door packed. I heard they were selling 5$ tickets at the door. I guess it worked. We headed out and stopped at Hero Burger where I endulged myself with an amazing burger, everything on it and more. My favorite part of this place was the drink machine. Gabe couldn’t even begin to choose what drink he wanted let alone the flavour of that drink. It was amazing. Technology and choices. This will be mans downfall. Thursday night, I’m out to see Big Jay Oakerson at the Comedy Bar, another great spot. Toronto, you’re Mc Donald’s…. I’m loving it. Jo
Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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