Théâtre Déchaînés, whose mandate is to offer ethical and accessible participatory theatre, will be presenting Soon, Tomorrow Maybe, from September 14th to October 17th, 2021. This unique play proposes a participatory experience, interpreted live on the phone, for one audience member at the time, in a conversation-like manner. At the end of the telephone line, Helen, a contrite mother choked with emotion, wanders from memory to memory, sheltered in her garden. Through her half-word confessions, we discover a regretful woman ready to answer all of our questions, who seeks redemption and to be understood.

The audience member can participate as they wish, whether their preference is talking often or simply listen. Each performance is adapted to the participant, fully respecting everyone’s limits.

Based on three years of documentary research and in-depth interviews with more than 30 women, Soon, Tomorrow Maybe is a kind and thoughtful dialogue exploring one of the biggest remaining societal taboos: regretting motherhood, even when you love your child very much. 

Théâtre Déchaînés will proudly donate 1$ of each ticket sold to the Fondation Mères avec pouvoir, a non-profit organization promoting the autonomy and social and professional integration of women heads of low-income single-parent families, with children from birth to five years old.

In the words of author and director Marie Ayotte: « Soon, Tomorrow Maybe was explicitly created to be played over the phone, where nobody sees us, where we can be more vulnerable and ourselves. But, more than anything, this play was written out of love: I wanted to help a friend who, although loving her child unconditionally, felt trapped in the day-to-day of motherhood. Researching to find a way to help her, I discovered a very nuanced subject to explore and many facts that many of us ignore. I also saw the real need to find a way to reveal the inner life of these mothers that are judged so harshly. Because when we understand better the realities of others, when we finally have a conversation about it, we can better develop our empathy and openness. Theatre is a tool for social change and how we treat other, and this is exactly what Théâtre Déchaînés want to achieve with this play”.

The play will also be available in French in September and October.Both versions are made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

About Théâtre Déchaînés

Théâtre Déchaînés is a Montreal-based participatory theatre production and diffusion company. We specialize in the ethical involvement of spectators and the various possible interactions between the audience and the performance, opening ongoing dialogues on human realities too often ignored while always respecting the limits of each person.

This desire for dialogue must include spectators who cannot travel to traditional venues and artists who are frequently excluded for physical or psychological health reasons. Théâtre Déchaînés aims to remove barriers to the fair enjoyment of the theatrical experience for all through our Accessible Theater Program.

Soon, Tomorrow Maybe

September 14th – October 17th, 2021

Written and directed by: Marie Ayotte

Interpreted by: Alexandra Bandean, Natalie Tannous ou Leigh Ann Taylor


A limited number of tickets are available!

32 $ General Admission – 1$ per ticket sold will be donated to Fondation Mères avec pouvoir.

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