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Hey Peeps!
Last night I went to the second night of the Comedy in the Pool Festival – the Relationship show. The venue is incredible, it is actually in a pool. If you ever get the chance I recommend you check out the Infinitheatre or Saint Dominique.
It’s a large space and there was a small crowd so I was really impressed with the host, Kevin Gasior’s (Just for Laughs and XFM Satellite fame) performance to warm up the crowd.
Kevin is super friendly and a very clean act but his ability to work the crowd made the night feel a lot more intimate. He especially bonded with some Italian audience members cracking up when one of them said they had “hibernated” their way to the West Island, instead of “migrated”, this became a running joke throughout the night.
Matt Shury was the penultimate act. I’ve seen him a load of times on the Open Mic circuit so I knew he’d be a smiley bundle of energy and as he entered screaming and dancing down the stairs between the crowd that’s exactly what he was. He noted that the crowd’s demographic was pretty old which is something I noticed as well. “Your old, whatever, it’s fine.” Matt grinned. He had a great bit comparing peoples’ attitudes in Toronto to people in Montreal. “Where I’m from people walk around like their feelings are hurt… in Montreal you all walk around like you just fucked.” At the end he asked the crowd “do you guys like me?” We sure did Matt, we sure did.
I could talk about Kevin for a while because I thought he had some great stuff and as I’m sifting through my pages of notes scribbled with his jokes I’m laughing out loud. So all I’ll say is go see Kevin Gasior!

The headliner was Toronto native, Kate Davis (@katedaviscomic), a five-time nominee at the Canadian Comedy Awards and star of he own hour-long special on CTV and the Comedy Network.
Kate’s bits about married and family life were above and beyond the stereotypical stuff you can often hear from female comics. Despite not being married or having kids myself I thought it was hilarious and I especially cracked up when she described her son going through puberty as “living with a hobbit”.
She’s brutally honest about family life and it’s awesome to hear. “You know when you were watching Barney as kids your parents were fucking.”
The thing I noticed most with Kate’s bits is the double-barrel punchline she manages to get out of every joke. You laugh at the punchline but then she takes it a notch further and you realise that this is the punchline. It was really impressive.
I would say it was an awesome night and I think tonight might be even better with Joey Elias and Sebastien Bourgault on the bill. So get down to the Infinit Theatre for the last night of Comedy in the Pool. It’s in a pool people!
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