The Montreal Comedy Works is back, new and improved

You must have heard the news by now folks. The Comedy Works is reopening their doors February 5th 2015. Same location, brand new venue and new staff. I was in Montreal for a few days and had the opportunity to sit down with Ian Campbell, the new general manager of the Comedy Works, to find out how this great news came to be reality.

He had been approached by many but Troy Lourensse is the one who sealed the deal for him. The booking will be done by Walter J. Lyng and Mike Gowing. I can’t wait to see what the fresh logo looks like.

There will only be one bar downstairs and its name will be called Jon Doe. Perfect,  right?

Remember those cold bathrooms? Well not anymore. The whole place has been gutted and put back together again. The classic brick wall will still be there but a new sound system and brand new floors have been put in. Get ready for a new experience Montreal!

A few months after opening, there will be a kitchen serving up food in the Comedy Works. You will be able to get burgers and sandwiches to eat before, during and after the show. In addition to food, one of the biggest perks will be parking on Mackay Street for 5 dollars. That’s right, $5 for downtown parking. Great deal.

The first month will be a Thursday to Saturday schedule (See below). Those who will have been chosen to audition for Just For Laughs this year will have the pleasure of trying out the new stage as well on March 4th.  Also there may be a regular bilingual show in the works too (see what I did there). There’s so much excitement behind all of this, I can hardly write.

Here’s the line up and schedule for the first month:

Thursday  • 8:30pm • $15/$10 for students
Friday • 8:30pm & 10:30pm • $15/$10 for students
Saturday  • 8:30pm & 10:30pm • $15

Feb 5th-7th – Massimo
Feb 12th-14th – Mike Paterson
Feb 19th-21st – Underground Comedy Railroad Show
Feb 26th-28th – Darryl Lennox

Check out to find out more information.The website is still under construction so check back frequently for updates. To reserve, email

Johanne Britton and Ian Campbell, the new general manager

Johanne Britton and Ian Campbell, the new general manager

I can’t say how happy I am that a staple of Montreal’s comedy scene will be back, shining brighter than before. Once again, the Comedy Works will see comics born on its stage.

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Hope to see you opening weekend!



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  • David Leclerc
    9 years ago

    So Happy to see you guys re-opening such a great venue, it is a great place for comedy but also a great place for good friend to get together, I have many good memories and hopefully many more great times to look forward to., All the best wishes for success in the future, The best place to go in Montreal.

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    9 years ago

    […] For further information on what is in store for the rest of the month and beyond check out Boss Jo’s post “The Montreal Comedy Works is back, new and improved”. […]

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