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Wassup MTL! I got someone you should know about. Did you like our pictures from our festival coverage? Do you like our FB pictures of comics and events? Well if you do, one of the secrets behind the camera is Adam Geraldi. I met Adam through Boss Reese and Boss Kate. He’s was a big part of Mobtreal getting the content we did over the festival season. Check out his pictures here.


“Epitaph” from Circle of Life and Death in Civilization theme.

I’m giving him a boost for his contest that he’s entered. It’s called Build Your Business with the help of a mentor. The winner gets to choose their mentor, depending on their style of photography, and 50 000$ to bring their business to the next level. He really admires Chase Jarvis and his work as a photographer and winning would be a greatest opportunity for him and his career. So I urge you to check out his pictures on his site or if you need a photographer for your event, wedding or if your model looking for a portfolio, send him an email for details at His prints like the one above and below are available on canvas frames or metallic prints in different sizes.

I highly recommend him as he is very professional, easy to work with and a great asset to add to any media team. I’ve never been disappointed in his effort and his work ethic.

Adam Geraldi

Adam Geraldi

Pictures like these make great gifts or amazing pieces to hang in a home. So support Adam Geraldi in this contest by sharing, commenting and buying his art. Like him on Facebook and follow him on twitter @AGeraldiPhoto

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