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Photo Credit:  Anna Springate-Floch

Photo Credit: Reese Turner

This past Sunday at Petit Campus we were treated to the third installment of Expansoma. A one-night festival that focuses on music, art, health and wellness. We were witness to everything from yoga to hard rock to saxophones. These engaging and informative shows are produced by Engines of Peace, who also headlined the show, with an explosive performance featuring aforementioned saxophone and a couple of yoga practitioners.

Expansoma - Syntax Cabal 1-2

Photo Credit: Reese Turner

The night also saw Syntax Cabal create another piece of art, while guiding us hrough a melodic and introspective sound-scape. Health was also on the bill for this show, as Dano Peace explained to us the nature of the human body and how if you treat your instrument correctly it is capable of wonderful things. Atsuko Chiba, came with a sound that reminded me very much of “At The Drive-In” a welcome sound to my ears and it made my eyes smile (it made my mom’s squint). In addition to the fresh fruit and juices, guests were also offered the chance to win a juicer of their very own. I didn’t win. It’s okay, I got over it when King Tut kicked me in the face with their sound. The driving bass and drums definitely woke up anyone who was still meditating after Dr. Bali’s talk.

Photo Credit:  Anna Springate-Floch

Photo Credit: Reese Turner

One thing to expect when you enter Expansoma, is the unexpected. As cliché as it sounds it’s true. I was again blown away by the scope of this one evening event, I can only imagine what the festival will look like in a couple years once it has some room to grow. If music is your thing, this is a show that you should check out, if living well is your thing, this is a show that you should check out, and if good times are your thing… This is definitely a show you should be checking out.


Peace – Reese.

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