Pointe shoes or baby boots? Set in a washroom, this play is about motherhood and the decision to have children. Funny and heartbreaking, the story features three ballet dancers and music performed by guitarist loana Gandrabur.

Slippery Moon Theatre will be debuting its play Mom Ballet in the 2024 Montréal FRINGE Festival. Performances will take place at Variations Mile End, 250 – 5337 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal.

Like a musical, the plot is developed through musical moments, but instead of singing, the actors dance ballet. The story explores Molly’s struggles to conceive, while her two teenage daughters bicker about the pros and cons of starting a family. “One day, I was having tea with ballet dancer Zoe Venemo, and we mused about doing a play together. The idea for Mom Ballet hit me, and since the concept made me feel emotional, I knew I had to write it.

“You see, when I finally decided I wanted to have kids, I discovered that it wouldn’t naturally be possible. I’m mostly okay with that, but when I meet with interesting young people like Zoe, I sometimes wonder what a potential daughter would have been like. This ploy is me saying goodbye to that young lady.”

Dara Murphy (playwright)

loana Gandrabur is the winner of several international guitar competitions such as René Bartoli (France), Freshen (Germany), and Havana (Cuba). loana travels the world performing in concerts or acting as a guest teacher or judge in international festivals. loana is Dara’s next-door neighbour!

Mom Ballet

Written And Directed By Dara Murphy
Music Performed By Acclaimed Guitarist Ioana Gandrabur
Starring Sabrika Leduc, Zoe Venema, And Jacqueline Trudel.

May 31st, Friday, 7 pm
June 1st, Saturday, 2 pm
June 5th, Wednesday, 7 pm
June 8th, Saturday, 2 pm
June 9th, Sunday, 6 pm
June 12th, Wednesday, 7 pm

Box Office: 514-849-FEST
Tickets: $15 plus a service charge

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