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Good ‘n Evil Productions complete Us!

 Since I've started this blog, I've learned quite a bit HTML, the definition of LMAO and why I wasn't on FB before May 25th. But two of my biggest helpers from the beginning have been Paul Ash and Dan Derkson. ...

It’s Not a Choice!

This is a little story about how some things are not your choice. On the 24 on the way home from Chinatown yesterday, my babes and I sat across from some school kids. The geek, the leech, the silent

A Nigga Moment

That's right I said it. So the other night, me and my love were pondering what to watch before going to sleep because for some reason, we can't fall asleep without the TV on.. I know we're not alone. Having ...

Rick Mercer

Tuesday nights on CBC are for Rick Mercer. I know it's Wednesday but that's besides the point. This guy has the best job ever. This Newphie has been making me laugh for years. (more…)...

A Really Funny Man

Louis C.K. hilarious. I first came across him on his show Life with Louis.  An HBO show which only lasted one season but that's   because people got no sense of crude humour. That show was great. Any show tha...