Comedy Nest Just for Laughs Tickets

Just For Laughs has started and there is so much going on, where do you start? Do you go randomly or do you pick out you faves? Do you have cash to catch the galas, are you getting a Zoopass or are free shows on the menu for you. So many possibilities and time is going fast. Well I have a treat for you.

For every show going on at the Comedy Nest next week, TuJoHaHa will be giving away 2 tickets. That’s right, we have 9 pairs of tickets to give away. Come and see some of the biggest names in comedy for free!
So how do you do win. Very easy.
1. Like TuJoHaHa on Facebook
2. Add yourself to the Comedy Nest Group right here
3.  Leave me a comment about the blog, about comedy, about your day! Just make sure to leave you name and email address.
That’s it!
What you waiting for?! Share this post and get your butts on down to the Comedy Nest for lots of laughs, a fun night and great entertainment!
I’ll see you there with your drink,

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